WHY asking “WHY?”

BECAUSE I am yet to feel and understand WHY I invented lying…

Truth is I need no explanation or justification. I do what I do because that’s what I do. Such impeccability requires for me to be honest with myself and others (same). I give “you” my Power (i.e.; I start lying), when I fear that I may not get what I want or that I may lose what I have. I now hide my true motivations under a number of pretenses.

Up to now, I had no need to deceive. I was and lived in the wholeness of Peace. But when I go into a protective mode, I turn self-righteous, with a vengeance. I think I know what evil is and “this (finger pointing out), this is EVIL!”

Most often, it is the victim  in me who asks WHY? The question itself is a lie, as I am not really interested in a Truth that would set me free, but more in blaming the “you-niverse!” My WHY is really a defense rather than an inquiry, and an attack rather than an admission… If I am being dishonest, it’s because I believe that I am not enough to deal with what is real. So I bury myself in ignorance… I forget, I avoid, I repress and deny. I play stupid, asking WHY simply because I don’t want to change.

Disclaimer: every WHY of Golden XPR is asked by a mind so virginal it only seeks to be immaculate in its conception.