WHY Judging?

BECAUSE I am really convinced that I know what’s for my highest good, and for the highest good of ALL concerned. Truth is: I don’t know. I just think I do. S/Hebrew word Lo Tov for “no good!” #acim, #bible, #communication, #empoweringnow, #goldenxpr, #hebrew, #inspirationalquotes, #kabbalah, #language, #leadership, #lifecoaching, #mysteryschool, #mysticism, #qabalah, #qkabbalah, #religion, #shebrew, …

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WHY Mutuality?

BECAUSE there’s only One of us: “I” walk with “God,” just as “God” walks with “me!” I am “God” walking me, and me walking “God.” I am the Way! S/Hebrew word Ithalekh (ETELK) for “walked.” The prefix It indicates a reflexive verb; a verb whose direct object is the same as its subject, e.g.; “I …

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WHY No Change?

BECAUSE, when I think I can’t (not good enough), I create unconscious time to distract me from my own severity and/or indulgence. I thus never know the good from the bad, and never have the Power to choose Peace. S/Hebrew word Yoda (YWDO=90) for “the one who knows.” #acim, #bible, #communication, #empoweringnow, #goldenxpr, #hebrew, #inspirationalquotes, …

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WHY the Field of Infinity?

BECAUSE the little something that comes out of the BIG Nothing creates a tension that compels me to evolve beyond the dream of separation, and into “the UnderStanding that there’s only One of US.” This is when, touching infinity, I have the precious Power to choose Peace. S/Hebrew word HaSadeh for “the field.” Its 314 …

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WHY “not Enough?”

BECAUSE, now that I’ve  turned off my intuition, I can’t hear nor read the signs, and soon lose the sense of my purpose, a.k.a. Sacred Contract. Bottom: S/Hebrew word Brit for “Covenant.” Dropping the top word (Esh for “fire”) right in the middle of Brit forms Bereshit for “In the beginning” was the Word. Indeed, …

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WHY the Voice Paradox?

BECAUSE “God” speaks to me in paradox. Its voice calls me to play the LOVE game, by embracing opposite perspectives…  Illustration: the Hindu Tree of Life in awe of its biblical counterpart. #acim, #bible, #communication, #empoweringnow, #goldenxpr, #hebrew, #inspirationalquotes, #kabbalah, #language, #leadership, #lifecoaching, #mysteryschool, #mysticism, #qabalah, #qkabbalah, #religion, #shebrew, #spirituality, #visionary,

WHY the Path of the Cross?

BECAUSE I will have a cross to bear until the pain is so intense that I’d touch bottom! This Holy Instant is called the Crucifixion. If I do not resist, I hear it as “Curse-A-fiction,” as the curse has now transformed into a blessing! The resurrection can now start, whose LOVE is lifting me up …

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WHY the Talking Hats?

BECAUSE I’m mad as a hatter, and also BECAUSE, when I listen very deeply and intently to the voice of Folly, it will strangely guide me to the Wisdom I seek.  S/Hebrew Beged “clothing, deceit,” starts in one belief (e.g.; I’m a man) breeding another (e.g.; I’m a black man) and another (e.g.; I’m a …

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