WHY Hiding?

BECAUSE, as a personality, I want something… Also BECAUSE what I want only serves the good of the ego alone – an intent leading me to feel lonely and sad, and to cover my light under the Shame Body. Hebrew word Kokhav for “Mercury, [THE] planet.” Uncover its “retrograde” motivations, and Know Thyself! #acim, #bible, …

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WHY is Perseverance so BIG?

BECAUSE, without the courage to persevere to THE END, I will not have the Compassion which gives me the strength nor the humility to do what it takes to change a situation. S/Hebrew sign Nun, which begins Netzach for “Perseverance,” the male side of the Navel chakra of the S/Hebrew Tree of Life. #acim, #bible, …

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WHY a Beautiful Mind?

BECAUSE Beauty is the language of my “heART:” until I surrender my illusion of free will and/or control, I will not have the sense that I am enough, do enough or have enough to seek the QKingdom first, and find it as I understand myself. Hebrew word B’Malkhulti, for “in my QKingdom” – in the …

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WHY Pursuing Justice?

BECAUSE, although it is a fun game, pursuing is missing the mark, which will cause me pain! However, it will also allow me to hear and see the truth: WHY pursuing Justice when I could  feel me in Her, and be in eternal LOVE! Hebrew signs Kaph for “pan;” Hebrew sign Zayin for “sword.” Together, …

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WHY In-FORM-ation?

BECAUSE, to manifest the soul vision that I Downloaded as a child, I must dare entering the dark dungeons and befriend the dragons populating the World of Formation. S/Hebrew word Olam for 1. World, 2. concealed. Placing a sign Lamed (green) in front of it forms L’Olam for “forever.” #acim, #bible, #communication, #empoweringnow, #goldenxpr, #hebrew, …

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WHY do I feel so lonely at times?

Might it be BECAUSE I offered a dead ear to my heart’s guidance? Vertical word Levado for “alone.” Its letters LBDW can be split into two pairs (LB DW) for “heart in duality.” #acim, #bible, #communication, #empoweringnow, #goldenxpr, #hebrew, #inspirationalquotes, #kabbalah, #language, #leadership, #lifecoaching, #mysteryschool, #mysticism, #qabalah, #qkabbalah, #religion, #shebrew, #spirituality, #visionary,

WHY is it so hard to want to see, hear and feel the truth?

BECAUSE it means changing the way I look at things… As I shift my viewpoint, I may even realize that the Torah doesn’t call the tables of the law the “Ten Commandments,” but more the 10 Words, as in Aleph for A, Beth for B, Gimel for C, etc. #acim, #bible, #communication, #empoweringnow, #goldenxpr, #hebrew, …

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WHY concise and to the point?

BECAUSE there’s so many demands on my resources that I need a formula offering enlightenment on the run and on a shoestring budget! Right: S/Hebrew word Bal (BL) “do not” reverses into left word Lev (LB) “heart.” Rebelling against a “do not” is where my pain story BEGIN. Returning to my “heart” and forgiving is …

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