The Long Game

Hello, A warm welcome to the many newcomers who have recently joined us through a shared interest in Is TCO “write” for me? Also, a whole lot of appreciation to the “old-timers,” many of you having been with us since our inception in 2008 and witnessed our many attempts at speaking the unspeakable: the long game, indeed!  On that […]

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I’ll admit: there’s a part of me that doesn’t like surprises. It wants to know; it’s even addicted to knowing! Gratefully, there’s also the artist part in me who heals the addicted part by delighting in the experience of divergence. Indeed, it is this very divergence which makes the Art. On that note, physicist Niels Bohr offers “prediction is

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Walking the Talk… Walking the Word…

Early reports have been trickling in. In a nutshell, The Code of Opposites (TCO for short) is touching sensitive places. And… that’s good news! This is especially true if you are like us – sincere in our desire to emPower the NOW, moment by moment. Presence requires that we’d resist nothing; not even a bold, outrageous and thoroughly provocative

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