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Welcome to the emPowering NOW website.  We are bringing forth the Path of XPR (eXPiRe) as a global cosmology and technology of full awakening.  We look forward to meeting you and/or getting to know you better as we share our gifts with you.  Check out the new eXPiRe Tarot mobile app | here.

Would you like to see a way to transcend the illusion of separation and come to the UnderStanding that there is only one of US?

If you’re living on Planet Earth, it is likely that you have been raised to believe that you need to suffer to go to heaven. From there, you may have derived that, for a technology of awakening to be powerful, it must be difficult to understand! As you engage on the Path of eXPiRe, you realize that it is not the technology that is complicated; it is your thinking about liberation that is. The “no pain, no gain” illusion may have left its mark in other parts of your life: e.g.; might you be making it hard to exercise by not having your soul into it?


The Core Question: Are you ready for the way your life will transform as you become wholehearted (no ambivalence) in everything you do? As it happens, that is the exact purpose of the QKabbalah, a Hebrew word for “receiving.” The QKabbalah is the soul of the Wisdom Teaching: practically decoded by the Path of XPR, it is here to allow you to have your cake and eat it too, that is, to have your soul in everything you do, thereby to be able to deal with any possible issue!  

The Core Message: communication is not what is said and done, but the result of what is said and done. I know what to do; I just don’t want to do it. To assist, I need a language solution that breaks the sound barrier, so that I’d be ready, willing and able to hear myself/others. Surprisingly and not, Hebrew seems to be encrypted with the code to allow for such communion.

For more information  please check our our resources or you may contact one of our XPR Advisors.


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