The Fire-Power of Language

Indeed, power, just like fire, is a big conundrum. That is why we will, from now on, capitalize its letter “P.”

Consider: when giving my Power away, there is a truth (or a voice) I won’t hear or speak. Where does that voice come from?

Language is said to have emerged around fire. Daytime was given to hunting and gathering, and nighttime, to storytelling around fires. Both building fires and language originated in humans. Both have a Power that I can use for good or bad.

Therefore, what is my relationship to Power? Do I alternate from pushing to pulling? These questions are so essential that they inspired The Code of Opposites to be a sacred guide to playing with Power and not getting burned!

To you who signed up for our advanced reader program, thanks again! The response has been huge and the blurbs we’ve received thus far are right on the mark. If you are yet to download your copy, you have until December 31st to do so. We look forward to receiving your honest comments on your experience with the material. The deadline for receiving your blurb / book review is 2-22-22, when we publish. When you signed up, we promised to make the process simple.  Here are a few ways in which we will be hosting your blurb:

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