Niels Bohr and the complementary principle…

On P290 of printed version / pdf (other format, search words: Niels, Founders) ‘Reading again Genesis 1, Elohim says to “subjugate” every living being that moves on the earth, while Genesis 2 only says that YEWE Elohim brings the animals to Adam so that “he gives them a name.” As we know, language introduces a separation from what is felt. Is it this bias that prevents being in full and complete communication, even nonverbal with the animals, and made it that force was necessary to dominate them?’ CH, Orlando FL.

What a rich question: thank you, CH! Yes, Elohim’s (“God’s”) declaration is all about Power. When bestowed on the Adam, it is the blessing of a Power that is wholesome, as it touches both of “them” (male and female sides): ‘And God blessed them by saying to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it, and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing moving on the earth”’ Genesis 1:28. The Adam of Genesis 2 serves a different “God” Name, and, as a result, has a different way to look at life. This is potentially because there is no more “they,” but a “he” who is disconnected from his female side and from his Power. Henceforth, he can’t give the woman a name, i.e.; he can’t call her!

Reestablishing authentic lines of communication (as an animal whisperer?) is no easy task, as it involves repairing the compass of my instinct that was broken by the many excesses and deficiencies of my ways. Starting with the body (my animal), do I listen to it telling me what to feed it, when and how much, or do I follow my mind’s cravings?

The act of eating may just be the most basic act of Power. The connection between Power and eating is shown in the succession of two verses: Genesis 1:28 as the blessing of wholesome Power over the animals, and Genesis 1:29 as the gift of the seeds, the trees and the fruit for food, a verse thus far used as a plug for vegetarianism. Truth be told, whether I am a carnivore or a vegan, my teeth are gonna cut, mix, grind, chew, crush, and kill the food that offers itself to me. Moreover, the act of eating involves two complementary motions: the loss of a food that is destroyed, and the gain of a body that assimilates the food. These two motions are out of balance when I am powerless over Power. My perceived inadequacy soon leads me into emotional eating or drinking or inhaling, despaired for being at once the abuser and the abused.

So please, “don’t eat from the tree of the knowledge of opposites,” for if you do, you’ll consummate (or lose) the poverty-stricken personality and acquire (or gain) wisdom-Power, as you’ll find yourself being whole, complete, and connected again – “PAIRfect!” 🙂

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