Code “HELLusion” [of Separation]

On P73 of printed version/pdf (other formats, search words: Ouch, again!) Had God already made both male and female of all the animals? If so, why did God not think already to make male and female of humans before noticing that the male was lonely? And, if not, when did the opposite sex counterpart for each of the animals come about? Did the all of the female animals come from the ribs of the males like in humans? SS, Austin, TX.

Your question about sexual counterparts goes to the heart of The Code of Opposites. Indeed, why did “God” not think to create both sexes before noticing that the male was lonely? To answer, I’d like to invoke a meme that has changed the way we think of “God” and of “his” creative process: “you create your reality.” I imagine that, just like me, there are times when you feel whole and connected, just as they are times when you feel lonely. The shift that you experience from being whole to being lonely is exactly the shift that the Adam experienced going from Genesis 1 (when s/he was whole; created male and female, in the image of “God”) to Genesis 2 (when “he” started to believe that he was the body of a man). Therefore, it is not that “God” did not think of creating opposites, since the entire story of creation is based on the work of polarity. It is more that “I” sometimes narrate the story of how I am abandoned, forsaken and unloved. S

Story is how I create. Story is how “God” creates: “and God said: let there be light. And there was light.” This is how the “rib” that was taken from the Adam to make the woman is a letter – a letter that is the first component of the “I am a woman” story. Whether I go by he, she or they, I am still identifying to the body – or that which is dying. Indeed, how would my reality change if I could detach and just be?

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