I’ll admit: there’s a part of me that doesn’t like surprises. It wants to know; it’s even addicted to knowing! Gratefully, there’s also the artist part in me who heals the addicted part by delighting in the experience of divergence. Indeed, it is this very divergence which makes the Art.

On that note, physicist Niels Bohr offers “prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future!” As for the religious side, did you know that the first divergence and/or “sin” was not acted out by Adam and Eve (in Genesis 3) but by the trees (in Genesis 1)?

Yep, this is a part of the Torah that’s generally glossed over. And yet, whereas “God” ordered fruit trees bearing fruits with seeds, “God” got trees bearing fruits with seeds (see PS below). And although, “God” didn’t get what she wanted, there’s no one to take it personally. Nope, he, she, they just saw that it was good. Day Three. Or is it day “TREE?”

So, yep… On the merry way to being published, I don’t know nothing, other than a publishing date (2/22/2022). Last Monday (which now feels like a century ago), I had no clue that I would be guided to rewrite an entire chapter. At the time, I didn’t think that divergence was “good,” trust me! However, three days and two sleepless nights later, I could recognize the tremendous goodness of the new script. Thus, my prayer continues to be the same… May I know in all of (my) life what I know in my Art: cluelessness is when the awesome can move through me!

On that note, join us tonight in the next divergent episode of “Ask and Ye Shall QKabbalah!” Here is where to find the logistics:

Until next week… For now, be well!

Maha & Michael

PS. Also surprising, did you know that cacao trees are entirely eatable, bark and all? I learned that from another “wolf” – raw food guru David Avocado Wolfe.
PPS. You are invited to download a free copy of Is TCO “write” for me?  which features the newly received intro to The Code of Opposites.

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