Grateful for love, yes, but for war?!

First of all, a warm welcome (and lots of thanks) to you who came on board this past week!

As for being grateful for the wars we individually and collectively wage by resisting what is, it is admittedly bizarre. But then again, the whole of life is bizarre.
Yes, it was a bizarre experience for Michael and I to meet each other and start immediately to work together (he says he concurs). Little did we know that, years and years later, we would publish a book where we’re pictured together on the cover, looking in opposite directions!

We eventually recognized THE most bizarrely antagonizing process of all:

  1. We love, appreciate and admire each other.
  2. We forget, and compete for Power (we both have been well trained on that front).
  3. We go into a defense/attack mode, and end up hurting each other.
  4. We take time off to lick our wounds.
  5. We eventually get back together, and own our BS.
  6. We are awed by the unmistakable humor, elegance and pertinence of the Living Word that wakes us up by “nailing” the source of our amnesia.
  7. We remember where we started from, and love, appreciate and admire each other.

Step 6 is the part that is so confronting it is surreal… And yet, this is true and certain: “as above, so below; as within, so without!” Each time I was honest enough to feel the darkness that motivated me and name it, a new page, chapter and/or book would freely give itself to me. It would give itself as a transmission (rather than a translation) of the soul of perennial truths.

Bottom line, The Code of Opposites (TCO, for short) would not even exist if it weren’t for two beings – M&M – who agreed to play war with each other until a sacred guide to wholesome Power (and thus to the memory that we are Love) could be written down.

Try it for yourself! When you notice that you are no longer grateful and, instead, that you’re fighting what is, open TCO randomly and see how it acts as a scrying mirror – a mirror to see into the unseen. Yep, TCO’s capacity to educe understanding is at once shocking and sobering. Very bizarre, indeed!

To be continued… For now, Michael and I join to wish you THE best Thanksgiving ever!

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