Surprising… and not!

Many thanks to you! We are overjoyed by the enthusiastic response we received to our invitation to participate in the advanced readers program…

Today, we are sharing a piece from our book – its essence and fundamental mission. It took us some time to even recognize that our calling, individually and collectively, is and potentially always was to heal our relationship to Power. The fact that it showed up last was in itself surprising. It demanded for us to be honest with our flaws, and to become conscious of what we really wanted. That is how we came to understand this journey on earth as being a journey of empowerment. Everything we do is a Power negotiation – the way we dress, the way we talk (or don’t talk), how we spend our time, our money, what we eat, what we don’t eat…

Henceforth, the mission of The Code of Opposites (TCO, for short)... To heal our relationship to Power, it reveals the force of a sacred language that guides us to the field in between, where to transcend our beliefs of right and wrong, and know in our blood that the divine has no religion and no elect. By becoming fluent in “God’s” language – in the paradox, feeling and sensing the all-pervading realities that beckon us now, we open to the Love that has no opposite, and experience Health in all levels of our communication. 

Until next week… For now, be well! 

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