No Push/Pull as “the Divine Birth”

Happy Holy Days to you and your loved ones!

For us, this is what has been most present this week – the idea of resting while working; of stillness when moving. Surely, when I hear the soul saying “in all things seek rest,” there is no push/pull. This is a universal teaching (a.k.a. let go and let “God”). No push/pull is also the essential theme of The Code of Opposites (TCO, for short). 

On that note, we are receiving feedback which is right on par with our experience. Some of you have recognized the potency and the profound nature of the invitation that TCO represents. Others have reported some difficulty in reading the material. It required too much of a push for them to continue. This may sound strange, but here is the beauty (yep, the beauty) of TCO. For a path to authentically lead to the end of dissatisfaction, it ought to create friction. How else would we end up “resisting nothing?”

Consider the process of lifting weights: isn’t resistance desirable in order to develop muscular strength? Thus the question: if sincere in my desire to wake up and embody wholesome Power, am I willing to invite the grit of friction until I can come to “resisting nothing?”

So yes, TCO is going to antagonize us until we come to the Love that has no opposite… This is one way in which it is a potent healing device. It dares going where the illusion of suffering is most intense.

If you find yourself curious as to what this might mean for you, we are pleased to announce a forthcoming virtual book club discussion. No push/pull – just eating this TCO elephant one bite at a time, nice and slow, while savoring it in the process.

Until next week… For now, be well!

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