For-Giving & Receiving

This is such a rich season of the year… Movies abound featuring the love of Christmas, alongside movies about those of us who associate very difficult memories to this time of the year. Indeed, what will be my choice: to forgive the trauma or to recreate it each year (if only in my mind)?

This jolly season can also be intense, especially when facing the Gregorian calendar that will not let me forget that a whole year has passed. Indeed, I can’t help but noticing and reflecting on how I used my time and my mind in 2021. Was I true to my resolutions? How REAL was my “REALigion?” For this is where religion supports the rhythms of Mother Nature who invites me to go within and find the light in the midst of the Great Winter of Darkness…

On that note, there’s a verse from Ecclesiastes that continues to help me give and forgive. It says: “and I saw that greater was the wisdom that came from folly, and greater the light that came from darkness.” Sooo… If, once again, I did not quite follow through on my “given resolutions” for 2021, I can forgive myself with the thought that there’s a wisdom to my folly. I just am yet to decode it!

With beautiful wishes of the season, for you and your loved ones,  

Until next week… For now, be well!

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