Ask and ye shall “QKabbalah?”

Welcome to 2022: may it be a year rich in opportunities and in the openness to receive them!  

On that note, did you know that the Hebrew word QKabbalah means “receptivity?” But what is there to be received? A salary? A soulmate? A parking space on a busy street? While there’s nothing lower or higher, I reckon that the one thing that will make a true difference is to receive (my) reality. Indeed, when I accept that I can only control my inner responses to the world, and not the world out there, I yearn for nothing. Such acceptance is the soul of the teaching – the QKabbalah!  

Here is the sexy part: accepting and receiving myself is to accept and receive my unique “superpower.” Surely, I will eventually find myself knocking on the door to “God’s” House – the House of Belonging, realizing that, without me, something would be missing in this big universe. Indeed, I am not accidental. There is a tiny crack in existence that cannot be filled by anyone but me. Facilitating this recognition is the superpower of The Code of Opposites (TCO, for short). 

Thus, the question: will you “accept” our invitation? A few weeks back, we hinted about some of our podcasts / spoken offerings related to TCO – our sacred guide to emPowerment.  We are pleased to invite you to the first in our line-up, titled Ask and ye shall “QKabbalah! This invitation, which is now free of charge, will begin as a monthly zoom call where to ask your questions about TCO, Golden XPR and to meet us, M&M, Maha and Michael.

Until next week… For now, be well!

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