Mysticism, dangerous?

It is likely that The Code of Opposites would not have been born if it weren’t for the widespread belief that the Kabbalah was dangerous. Moreover, it is said that this study should not to be shared with ordinary people, children or women (yep!). In response, I chose to rebel and go exactly where I was not supposed to go – in the Mystery of the Hebrew Torah.

We are now 40 years later. I must recognize that embodying wisdom is easier said than done. As for the dangers, yes, there were quite a few dicey moments along the way. And here we are – emPowering the NOW, more so than ever!

Indeed, being a QKabbalist is beyond the ability to recite the names of the ten Sephiroth (Hebrew for “chakras”) by heart. It is to “receive” what happens to me, with all my heart, all my soul and all my might, as I accept that what I am experiencing is exactly what I asked for. To wholeheartedly receive what I would normally judge as bad – to eat it and digest it – is a form of rebellion; a divine rebellion.

It is also how to become dispassionate (“without pain”). My pain is indeed my passion! When I embrace it and feel in my blood and my bones that there’s only One of us, I become like water: I resist nothing. Which means that the work is done!

Will you join us in being a divine rebel? Our first community event will be tomorrow, Thursday, January 13th at 8PM EST, 7PM CST, 5PM PST. For the zoom link and other logistics information, visit the emPowering NOW event calendar .

Until tomorrow or next week… For now, be well!

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