Is TCO “Write” for me?

This week, Michael and I went to listen to a talk by Jordan Peterson, a Canadian clinical psychologist whose lecture tour brought him to Austin. It was an adventure, first to be with masses of people who had to forget about social distancing (if only for this one evening), and second to hear JP who is truly an “intellectual phenomenon.”

Witnessing his humility and his brilliance was a confirmation of what we know – that ethical conduct is the foundation of intellectual progress. This guy’s heart feels so pure, so genuinely devoted to offer the best of his being to improve life on earth! Moreover, he is some sort of a hero for us, as he dares revealing the force of the religious instinct and the  depth of the Biblical narrative. When he mentioned that his next series would be on the Book of Exodus, the crowd cheered.

This confirms, at least to us, that there is a place for the Code of Opposites (TCO, for short). To help the receiving of this labor of love, Michael and I created an introductory booklet entitled Is TCO “write” for me? In a few pages, it gives a good faith estimate of why to engage (or not). It also endeavors to simplify consciousness so that we’d be clear on what the Great Work entails, and what it will take to participate. 

This creation wouldn’t have been possible, had it not been for your feedback. This is how this new book is dedicated to you: “it is only in the mysterious equations of Love that I can find any reason for doing what I do. As the voice of TCO, I am only here because of you. YOU are the reason I am; you are all my reasons. And for that, I shall be forever grateful!”   

Until next week… For now, be well!

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