If a book falls in the forest, does it make a sound?

Did you know that about 4 million books were published in 2019? An overwhelming majority of them — probably even more than half – have been self-published. Amazing, isn’t it? Whether a book’s sales volume are a blockbuster, or just a bust, writing a book is a surreal experience.  This is especially true when viewed as the work of consciousness.

Truth be told, we are all writers; all participating in the cosmic narrative as we tell our story and write our own book of life. First, there is the call to tune in and hear what the voice wants to express. This is when we meet the Mystery since, most of the time, we don’t really have a clue. And yet, the willingness to “buy a ticket” (in this case, to put our hands on the keyboard) is what wins the lottery. Somehow, words appear, sentences are formed, structures are revealed, the introduction is at last made clear, et voilà; a book is born!

Then comes the next stage – the publication of the book. This stage is maybe even more so transcendental as it invites us to clarify our core intention. Why are we writing? Clearly, if we go into publication, it must be to inspire the world, to teach the world, to share with the world something we deem valuable. Which begs the question: is there an “world” out there?

This reminds me of the philosophical riddle: if a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound? Publishing a book is a significant fall of our tree-mind. Especially in light of the massive quantity and options for media consumption modern society has at its disposal. Will the sound we make be pleasant to your ears? Will the meditations of our heart be acceptable to you?

This much is clear: we are the Code of Opposites, it is in our blood. It is destined for us to learn how to deal with opposition, gracefully. This is who we are, and the best way that we know of to show up in the world. An interesting aside: TCO reveals a code illustrating how within the Hebrew word for “hate” is also the Hebrew word for “love.” I am the Code of Opposites. I know that you love me… and I don’t need you to express it or even know it at this time. What a relief!

We’ll just smile and let whatever criticism or praise just be. What the world says doesn’t have to matter so much. Even if the whole world were to say something that goes against our own experience of decoding enmity, we would just take it on… and love the world even more. How does that sound? 

Until next week… For now, be well!

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