The 10 Words

On P78 of printed version / (other formats, search word: Sinai) – the section talks about being so impacted by receiving the 10 words at Mt. Sinai that they played with the idea of one “God.” I thought it was Abraham who realized the concept of one “God”, way before Moses received the words at Mt. Sinai. Is the actual history different from that? SS, Austin, TX.

You are correct: historically, Abraham preceded Moses, and is held to be the first having realized that “God” is One. This felt-sense of oneness is how the patriarch was able, ready and willing to acquiesce to sacrificing his son. He resisted nothing, even when confronted to what is likely to be the greatest of all sacrifices. P78 does not deny Abraham’s role. It simply speaks of the way to language oneness in such a way it can be heard in our heart, and felt in our blood. This way is given by the 10 Words – the foundation of the Hebrew alphabet. This alphabet makes our intuition (that is, the voice of our conscience; our inner law) visible, and thus hard to miss. For example, if asked to give up coffee, when I “grok” the Words, I stand a better chance to actually obey and “sacrifice” my morning ritual. Doing so, I change the course of history by emPowering the NOW.

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