Checking in with something real…

Early reports have been trickling in.

In a nutshell, The Code of Opposites (TCO for short) is touching sensitive places. And… that’s good news! This is especially true if you are like us – sincere in our desire to emPower the NOW, moment by moment. Presence requires that we’d resist nothing; not even a bold, outrageous and thoroughly provocative style of transmitting perennial truths.

TCO is poetry, as it is poetry’s nature to speak the unspeakable. It is the revelation of something intimately personal which you can recognize as your own. Like what I experience on my morning walk, seeing a dense fog in front of me rather than all around me. And it made me wonder… Why is it so hard to really be a visionary, that is, to surrender to the unknown? And not just when I write or paint, but in making every moment “Art?”

As always, I went to the Word and asked it to reveal itself. Yep, there is life in words, if I only listen… And there it was: FOG as in “Fear Of Generosity.” Indeed, when I resist surrendering (which is a supreme act of generosity), I fear I won’t be able to connect and see the vision I am to offer to the world (and to myself, for that matter). Ah… Walking the mystic talk!

Until next week… be well!

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