WHY a Universal Code?

BECAUSE, as long as I don’t open to the possibility that a unifying equation – a one-size-fits-all code – could exist, my ego is gonna get me with the belief “I’m too special for this to work…”   “Young Stephen Hawking meets Jane, his wife-to-be, and introduces himself as a cosmologist. “What’s cosmology?” she asks.

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WHY emPowering NOW?

BECAUSE emPowering NOW naturally happens when we are at the END of suffering. As for emPowering NOW LLC, we chime in with Benjamin Franklin who said: “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”  This is true. I must first know myself and enter the State of being REAL to invest in anything, especially when

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WHY Sentience?

BECAUSE it is the way of embodied wisdom to fuse matter and spirit, thereby allowing for the result of my communication (matter) to be aligned with what I say and do (spirit). Quantum science has shown that feeling is the innate ability to transform matter into energy. Let’s say that I have a money issue:

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WHY Art?

BECAUSE Art has the beauty, the generosity, and the purpose to open sentience. Sentience, the capacity to feel and sense, is global, as it is how that which understands has an understanding of “God.”  ♫ “Music is a world within itselfWith a language we all understand” Stevie Wonder, Sir Duke When exposed to Art, both artist

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WHY Golden?

BECAUSE its rule resonates with the noble beauty of perfect proportions, giving me the sense of enough, and the knowing of when to let it rest. Such sense of ideal measure (which is Self-mastery) is conveyed by the Golden Mean, as the Art of maintaining an optimal moderate position between two extremes. It is in

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Our TWIN Mission

WHY? BECAUSE, to stop making the other sex the enemy and thus be kind in our communication – Venus ↔ Mars, the twins in us were called to work together to decipher a language soulful enough to reconcile the two great beasts: Science and Religion… A true story! “Feeling the rage and staying in the

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About Us

This is where I can find out about the emPowering NOW Movement, our twin mission, and the people behind it. We ask ourselves: where do we come from? What motivates us to travel on the path of Golden XPR, and bring it forth? How is emPowering NOW LLC offering a futuristic vision for doing business?

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