I “disANGRY” with you!

I love this new word: “disANGRY…” I love it because it makes me smile, and thus immediately ends the fight. Just one word, and my world changes! Yes, the world in which I live is at war. And it still puzzles me that this state of affairs could even be possible, at a time when consciousness has evolved enough to give us so much technology by which to draw close to each other…

As within, so without! If I could only stop my inner war, I may be better able to understand the politics of this world. I may not “agree” with the way you live life, but I could have empathy, provided I put down my judgments. Just that would immensely help our global climate!

So yes, there is a need for The Code of Opposites – a need to befriend the part of me that is impatient, reactive, and doesn’t know how to stop when hungry, angry, lonely, tired. That much is clear!

Also clear, I have much appreciation for you! I also know to be speaking for Michael when saying how grateful we are with the support we received from you as we launched our book. Thank you truly! The comments and feedback have mirrored our own experience with the materiel: potent, beautiful and inviting a deeper contemplation. On that note, we will be hosting our monthly Q&A call (Ask and Ye Shall QKabbalah!) on this Thursday at 7PM CST via zoom. See logistics info | here.Opportunities to deepen:

  • Calendar & logistics for virtual group events | here
  • Submit a question | here
  • Free intro eBook (Is TCO “Write” for me) | here
  • Write a review or purchase TCO on Amazon | paperback or kindle eBook

May we all know peace, rest while working, and laugh when the anger shows up!Big LOVE,
Maha & Michael

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