The Fool and the F Word

Gentle warning: the plays on words in our newsletters and books have a purpose – to awaken us to the life of the word, which, in turn, inspires us to be true to our word. 

Tomorrow is April the first – a day marked by unexpected practical jokes and hoaxes. When I hear a voice behind me shouting “April Fools,” I can know that the joke’s on me. And it makes me wonder… Why be so afraid of being ridiculed? Indeed, why is it so difficult for us to fail and fall in love, as a fool does? Indeed, the fall doesn’t hurt when we can remain a child at heart and keep our sense of humor… So why do we take ourselves so seriously, so much so that we’d need an April Fool’s Day to remind us that laughter is the best medicine?

Consider: when you are not attached to the fruit of your labor, you can rest while creating. And when you can rest while creating, there is no one left to take any “errors” personally. Finally, there is no “you,” which means that “you” don’t have to feel humiliated by FFF; that is, your Failures, your Falls and your Follies. What a Fool you are; you who doesn’t give a F! Betray me once, shame on you… Betray me twice, shame on me… All the while, the real Fool doesn’t “do” shame. That’s how this blessed archetype doesn’t give a Fxxk!

Receiving the Fool in a reading – such as in reading this newsletter 🙂 –indicates that it may be time for you to take a leap of faith. As the Fool, you embody a childlike innocence that is unafraid of stepping into the unknown, and showing curiosity at the promise of new possibilities. 

Here is a cross-cultural possibility: to experience the message of the fish… In France, for example, the Fool’s Day calls for the joke of un poisson d’avril — a “Fish in April” (still an F word, mind you). The prank involves sticking a paper fish onto the back of as many non-magical people as possible! Christianity features the symbol of the fish to represent Jesus, and Carl Jung offers volumes of work aimed at revealing the fish’s connection to dreams, waking up and the collective unconscious.

Building on the depth of the fish, we are pleased to offer a credible “fishy” possibility in the form of a free ebook – Is TCO “write” for me? | here. The book decodes the illustration below to make sense of what the ancient Hebrew hieroglyph Nun (for “fish”) conveys regarding being as water and adopting the path of least resistance…

Other wisely foolish options:

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Big LOVE,Maha & Michael

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