I’m a mystic, not a mistake!

I trust you are well…

Today, I want to talk about the search for the House of Belonging. It is my sense that we all want to feel that existence welcomes us, that we are not accidental; not a “mistake!” What makes this quest even more tangible is the advent of technology. I smile as I look at the icon telling me that I am connected to my network. Conversely, I feel let down when the same technology stops working… But what about my soul’s “inner net?” How connected am I?

The real question may just be: how connected to the soul do I want to be? And this is where I hesitate, as I know that the more soul-connected I am, the more a mystic I’ll be. And being a mystic is just too weird… So, I’ll choose loneliness (albeit unconsciously) in lieu of staying connected and hearing the guidance of my emotions and my intuition. I’ll even top it all by resisting feeling like I don’t belong – an outsider. Meanwhile, I ignore that resisting the discomfort I feel is the surest way to have it persist.

Heck, as long as I can remain dissatisfied and just trying, I can continue deceiving myself and blocking truth. And that’s when I heard it… Truth is the key to the House of Belonging. Aren’t the scriptures saying something like “the truth shall set you free?”  Yep, on the one hand, I am passionate about the freedom to be the change. On the other hand, I want my story… I seem to unconsciously choose to disconnect from my “inner net” so that I could lie to myself and keep on feeding the big bad wolf of my ego!

Consider, if you’re just like me, suffering at times from not belonging, you may benefit from feeling-reading TCO, short for “The Code of Opposites.” To “feel-read” is to experience the words as they resonate in your soul. Experiencing is the feel of being a mystic, not a mistake! 🙂 To this end, check out our free intro eBook (Is TCO “Write” for me?) | here. Other options to deepen my understanding of myself:


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