Written in [the Rolling] Stone?!:?


Michelangelo has some of the best quotes: “The marble not yet carved can hold the form of every thought the greatest artist has.”

And it makes me wonder… Could the marble of the law – and especially the marble that Moses picked up a while back –  transform in accordance with what our artist’s eye sees? Understandably, the thought that some decrees would be permanent – as in “not able to be changed” – makes us want to run! Moreover, if that were truth, how is that compatible with evolution? Instead, there’s a part of me (and possibly of you) that wants to say: “If these rules that are supposedly carved in stone don’t work, let’s change them!”
But what will we change? The writing of the law or our reading of it? We’re asking as we’re often greatly surprised at rereading a book, and seeing information we had not noticed before. While it was there, it went right over our head! We imagine this is what quantum physics calls “the observer effect,” saying that what is being observed in nature depends on choices made by me, the observer. Indeed, when we accept that there is no one and nothing out there, and that any judgment that we make is self-judgment, what we are reading in the “text” is the consciousness that we occupy. Henceforth, might we be the ones who refuse to acknowledge that, while the body has changed throughout the years, there is a part of us (the Self; the I Am?) that has no form and remained unchanged.
Consider: communication is not what is said and done, but the result of what is said and done, and, as such, a solid reality we build out of our every word. As for the Hebrew alphabet (which strangely remained unchanged since its inception, some 3500 years ago), each letter can be considered as a stone that contributes to build a house. Will we be satisfied with the “house” built by our words and actions? Where are we giving our Power away and just “trying?”
As it happens, it is and was certainly written by the Rolling Stones that, if “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,” it’s ♫♪ “cause I try, and I try, and I try, and I try…” So what will it take for me to stop breaking my inner law – the one that’s written in stone? Whereas it is also the law without law as it keeps on changing on a need-to-know basis, the constant is: it won’t leave us alone until we hear it!
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