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Curious about the idea of a metalanguage? Learn about the core Genesis Pattern via a 6 minute movie titled The Genesis Movement (button below).

Blog Articles: Ask and ye shall “QKabbalah!”

We are pleased to invite you to our public event, titled Ask and ye shall “QKabbalah!” This invitation (button below), which is now free of charge, is conducted as a monthly zoom call where to ask your questions about The Code of Opposites, Golden XPR and to meet us, M&M, Maha and Michael. In addition, the questions which are submitted by readers are included below as blog articles.

The 10 Words

On P78 of printed version / (other formats, search word: Sinai) – the section talks…

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The emPowering NOW Podcast

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Are you someone who knows what to do to be successful, but just does not want to do it?

This lack of coherence is not only a communication issue, it is also and foremost a Power issue. Consider: if language is the problem, it is also the solution. This podcast introduces and explores an idea whose time has come: there is a metalanguage (a language beyond languages) to feel the resistance to doing what it takes, and from there, choose peace, and emPower the NOW. Each episode, join Michael Wolf, a long-time Fortune-50 enterprise sales guy turned transformational entrepreneur, with occasional appearances by Mahalene Louis, futurist, artist and author of The Code of Opposites, as they work in synergy to embody wisdom-Power, and change “the Word.” This podcast is for you who seeks to hack your own way and actualize your potential…

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Blog: Art of Golden XPR – heARTicles!

Welcome! Enjoy our blog heARTicles!

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